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Hello Citizens of Adonis,

First of all, we would like give a warm welcome to all the new players who are setting their home in MYKO.GG Thanks for playing with us, we really hope you feel comfortable and enjoy the server.

We also would like to communicate something to the old players, we understand that you are used to know each other, you have some old habits and suddenly there are many changes and new communities joining.

Remember your illusion when you started your journey here, and you were helped and treated with respect. Our community has been always known for its kindness and maturity, lets keep it up.

We know that the situation right now may be a bit overwhelming to you, answering the same questions over and over, a lot of new faces...etc, but we want you to remember how your questions were answered and that help made you feel comfortable. It has been a really important factor for many players when they decided to make their home here and stay on this server. You may come from the same places than the most of the new players do, and you liked how you were treated here - they deserve exactly the same. We have seen how nice and awesome our players are, there is no reason for it to change, this is a home for every MYKO lover and it shall always be, no matter his procedence.

Citizens of Adonis, in behalf of all the staff members, we ask you to help us on giving them a warm welcome, please.

Respect each other, but the most important of all the things - treat the new players like you would like to be treated, and avoid some discriminative comments, because they will feel hurted. This attitude is not the solution so we urge you to think twice about it. We do not want to intervene there, because we trust on our community and we really think that you all are mature enough to understand the importance of a good communication.

This being said, we will not tolerate any kind of missbehaviour against anyone on any circunstance and we shall take the proper measures if needed.

Thank you very much, and new players, please enjoy your journey, we can ensure you there are amazing persons playing here.

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