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  3. sa öncelik le 5 aydır uzun 1 süredir yayın ws ara verdim yeni den dlive kanalı actım guzel keyifli yayınlar yapıyoruz ekibimi myko sunucularda tanıyanlar ilaki wardır Dlive : https://dlive.tv/AyberkArslan17 teşkurler şimdiden
  4. Dear MYKO GG Family, You can find official dealers of ESN Codes only here. Bitcoin: 1G8LGhUqNFZdB9dzLEEHyhwDcYXwQU2uhi (Contact us after paying with Bitcoin)
  5. SPONSOR STREAMER SELECTION HAS STARTED! 📢 Hello Dear Myko.GG Players Our sponsor streamer selection has started! What you should do: • Stream replay should be open • There should be no freezing or stuttering in the broadcast You can apply by writing your dlive link and upload speed as a comment under this post. SPONSOR YAYINCI ALIMLARI BAŞLADI! 📣 Merhaba Sevgili Myko.GG Oyuncuları Sponsor yayıncı alımlarımız başladı! Yapmanız gerekenler: • Yayın tekrarı açık olmalı • Ya
  6. Dear MYKO GG Family, You can exchange the Spell of Impact item from [MYKO.GG] Crafter NPC in Moradon area to unlock 57 level skill. Required Items (1x) Goblin Pauldron (Magician) (1x) Goblin Pad (Magician) (1x) Goblin Helmet (Magician) (1x) Goblin Boots (Magician) (1x) Goblin Gaunlets (Magician)
  7. Dear MYKO GG Family, You can exchange the Spell of Thorn item from [MYKO.GG] Crafter NPC in Moradon area to unlock 54 level skill. Required Items (30x) Opal (30x) Sapphire (30x) Crystal
  8. Thor

    📈Exp Guide

    Dear MYKO GG Family, The exp required for leveling is given below.
  9. Dear MYKO GG Family, You can exchange Premium Packages via [Vendor] Hemes NPC. When you exchange the Premium Package, bonus items will appear in the Letter section in game.
  10. Dear MYKO GG Family, You can exchange Starter Package via [Vendor] Hemes NPC.
  11. Dear MYKO GG Family, Details on master 2 skills are below.
  12. Dear MYKO GG Family, Details on master quests are below.
  13. Dear MYKO GG Family, All upgrade rates are listed below. May the force be with you! Blessed Upgrade Scroll Blessed Upgrade Scroll w/Trina Reverse Item Upgrade Reverse Item Upgrade w/Karivdis Accessory Unique +0 > +1 = %0 +1 > +2 = %0 +2 > +3 = %0 Normal Accessory Upgrade +5 > +6 = %100 +6 > +7 = %100 +7 > +8 = %50 - 10.000.000 Coins +8> +9 = %50 - 10.000.000 Coins +9 > +10 = %50 - 10.000.000 Coins +10 > 11, 12,
  14. Dear MYKO GG Family, For players who want to level up, a summary leveling format has been prepared below. We think it will help when you leveling. 1-72 Sample Leveling Program: ➤ 1-20 Level: Moradon Mandatory map up to Level 20 (You can do auto Exp missions) ➤ 20-40 Level: You can do auto exp missions at Breth/Piana or gain exp in the slots mentioned below. Spoiler Lycan family Scorpion family Undying family Skeleton, Skeleton Knight Hint: Melee teams at level 35-40 will benefit from obtaining Goblin sets. ➤ 40-50 Level: Yo
  15. Odin

    Server Features

    OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE 29 JANUARY Game Engine We are using a custom Game Engine to develop MYKO.GG also we are under protection with "MykoLab HackShield Pro" anti-cheat company. Our first aim is to provide the best MYKO experience for our players. At this point, we changed the latest Knight Online version User Interface to the old MYKO version so you can securely play MYKO.GG with the latest technologies as fun as possible. General Informations Level cap 62/65/70/72 Item cap +6/+7/+8/+9 Unique Jewels cap +0/+1/+2/+3 Normal Jewels +14 Maps in
  16. Odin

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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